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Biggest Cause of Death

Do you think the world is a violent place? Too much war and crime? Things may be worse than you think!

The World Life Expectancy website calculates the rates of death from many different causes. Here is a screenshot of their chart showing the number of deaths world-wide for the year up to that point, as it appeared on December 31, 2014:

As you can see, the rate of deaths by abortion is far greater than the rate of all other violent deaths. Abortion kills 27 times as many people as suicide, violence and war combined! Even if you add in all the accidental deaths, abortion still kills 8 times as many as all violent and accidental deaths combined. No matter how many people are being killed on our 'violent' streets, in wars, and in 'genocides' such as Darfur, it is a tiny fraction of the number being killed in the womb. If you want to be most effective at reducing violence and promoting human rights on planet earth, what is the most important issue to address?

As another way of looking at this, a frequently quoted number of deaths in the Darfur genocide is 400,000 since the slaughter began in 2003. If that number happens to be correct, it averages out to 40,000 per year. That is about equal to the number of children in America killed by abortion in about 12 days. 40,000 equals about 0.7 percent of the Darfur population of 6 million. Over 40 million children are killed worldwide every year by abortion, representing about 0.6 percent per year of the world's 7 billion population, only slightly less (or perhaps equal, depending on how much more than 40 million the actual number is) than the annual proportion of the population being killed by the genocide in Darfur. Percentagewise, there is a Darfurian scale "genocide" going on worldwide against preborn humans, including in the most "peaceful", "advanced", "democratic" and "civilized" countries.

"We should never forget that everything Adolf Hitler did in Germany was 'legal'." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

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