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Campaign Leg #2


We have to stand up and let it be known that it is those who are fighting for the rights of preborn human beings who are the true human rights advocates of our day.

This is not because we have a big ego to fill and that we need recognition for our good deeds. Rather it is because until people come to realize that standing up against killing preborn children is the true human rights stance, they will continue to accept that the pro-abortionists are the ones who stand for human rights and little ones will continue to die.

The problem is that while the pro-abortionists have been building their place in organizations that claim to stand for human rights, we have been dismally silent. We have sat back and let them assume the higher ground and convince people that they are the ones who stand for peace, justice and human rights. And they have done so. Right now, for instance, the human rights bodies of the United Nations, with the pressure from private "human rights" organizations, are putting tremendous pressure on Ireland to relax their laws and allow the killing of preborn children. >>>>UPDATE: And now they have succeeded! New abortion laws 'historic moment'

This is not because the pro-abortionists are so much more intelligent, well-spoken, or influential. It is because we have simply sat back and allowed them to do this. A while back I called around to the pro-life/anti-abortion organizations listed in the directory of such organizations at to find out about International Human Rights Day celebrations in their areas. Most groups did not even know if there was such an event or not. Many, if not most, had not even heard of International Human Rights Day. Only one group that I was able to reach had had any involvement in International Human Rights Day activities. (Kudos to Feminists for Nonviolent Choices!) Imagine, the groups that are fighting the foremost human rights battle on earth today do not even know when Human Rights Day is! Are you beginning to see what I am trying to say?

Here in my city of Eugene, Oregon there was a Human Rights Day celebration in 2012. Was there anyone there to stand up for the cause of those whose human rights are being violated more than any other group? No. The ACLU was there - a group which supports killing preborn children. But no one represented the most oppressed group of all. None of the people who left that gathering had any more knowledge or awareness of this catastrophe than they did before they arrived. Our lack of a presence there sent a resounding message: that the killing of little children in the womb is not a human rights catastrophe - or at least not one that they need be concerned about!

We need to be present and involved in every human rights effort wherever they occur to make sure that the preborn have representation. Indeed, we should be the ones leading such efforts! There should never be a human rights celebration, display, gathering, presentation, gala, or other event or effort without representation for the preborn. To allow such is to allow the message to go forth that abortion is not a human rights issue -- or even that abortion itself is a "human right" that should be free to all.

Unconvinced?   Consider   this example   or   this one.

So this is the second leg of the Campaign, to make sure that there is always representation for the preborn at "human rights" events, and for us to be the ones leading such efforts. To start off this leg we are focusing specifically on International Human Rights Day. Is there a Human Rights Day celebration in your city/area? If so, will you be there this year sharing your voice for the voiceless? If there isn't one, how about taking the lead in starting one. It is we who are the leading human rights advocates of our day who should be initiating and leading such efforts. I will add that I firmly believe this is more important than marking the commemoration of Roe v. Wade in January, although you should certainly do that or continue to do that also. If we demonstrate on Roe v Wade anniversary people will once again see us as "those right-to-lifers". If we have an event for Human Rights Day then we are not just "those right-to-lifers", but leaders of the primary human rights cause on earth.

If you are a pro-life/anti-abortion organization go to the Human Rights Day Procedure page and see how you can represent the preborn on International Human Rights Day. If you are an individual, sign up for the campaign or send a message to find out how to get involved.

International Human Rights Day should be OUR DAY! Remembering such events as the commemoration of Roe v. Wade, and at the same time ignoring such events as International Human Rights Day has led to the dichotomy that hurts us so much. This year, let's take over Human Rights Day and make it the point where we turn the tide in favor of the victims of abortion!



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"We are responsible not only for the lies we speak, but for the truths we fail to speak." -Anonymous

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