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Mission Statement

The Human Rights for All Ages Campaign believes that all human beings are entitled to basic human rights at all periods of their lives, without regard for age, stage of development or state of dependence. Furthermore, we recognize that, while human rights abuses exist worldwide under many conditions and involving many different groups of people, there is one group of human beings that is systematically denied these rights - those that are still living in the womb. Even though other people's human rights may be violated, it is still recognized that they have these rights which are being violated. Preborn human beings are the one group of human beings left in the world today for whom it is not recognized that they even have human rights. It is for this recognition that the Human Rights for All Ages Campaign strives.

What We Do

The Human Rights for All Ages Campaign seeks to acheive this recognition by:


International Human Rights Day is celebrated on December 10, the date that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed in 1948. As we were approaching that day in 2012 I was thinking to myself, What can I do to help promote human rights on December 10, with special consideration in mind for those who are subject to the most horrendous human rights abuse of all, the preborn, who are killed to the tune of tens of millions each year worldwide, over one million of those right here in the United States?

I have always been concerned over the focus of the pro-life/anti-abortion movement. It seems that we often take positions in regards to ideology, religion, or other factors, and seem to almost forget sometimes that we’re talking about the killing of fellow human beings. Indeed, the whole world out there seems to think that abortion is a religious issue, a conservative or liberal issue, or (what I might find the most ridiculous of all) a "social" issue. (Somehow I think that if armed gangs were running around shooting down innocent people in the middle of the streets, we would not look upon that this being a "social" issue!) When we’re talking about abortion we’re talking about the killing of innocent little human beings. Why does our society not see the horror of this and put a stop to it?

Well, one reason that occurred to me is that we have organizations that call themselves "human rights" organizations that not only do not advocate on behalf of those being killed, but many of whom actually advocate in favor of killing them! I had previously listed all of the "human rights" organizations on my website that were listed in the Yahoo! Directory - over 100 of them – according to whether they opposed, supported or took no position on abortion. Out of over 100 organizations, do you know how many took a stand on behalf those being killed by abortion? Three. Of the remaining 100-or-so organizations, somewhere around half actually promoted killing preborn human beings! How are we ever going to convince people of the horror of the atrocity of abortion as long as so-called "human rights" organizations promote abortion in the name of human rights?

So, with some help from my friends at the Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League, I started the Human Rights for All Ages Campaign (originally, Human Rights for Born and Preborn). The goal is two-fold. First, the obvious goal is to contact these so-called human rights organizations and "call them on the carpet" for their stance in favor of killing people. No true human rights organization can stand for killing people, and we need to get these organizations to truly uphold human rights for all.

Secondly, the goal is to try to redirect the focus of existing pro-life/anti-abortion groups and organizations, and to make sure they are indeed looking on the issue of abortion not as a religious issue, or as a social issue, or as an ideological issue, but as what it truly is: a human rights issue - a human rights catastrophe that nothing else on earth currently compares with. We need to take our place as the true human rights leaders – the true advocates for human rights.

I took the list of human rights organizations that I had previously created, and turned it into a page for a campaign to "change the paradigm" and convert the world of human rights advocacy into true advocacy for those who need it most. I got it together in time to "kick off" the campaign on International Human Rights Day, December 10. I am asking everyone who cares about the plight of the preborn to sign up for the campaign and stand up for the human rights of all people, no matter how young. I hope that each person who reads this will let it be known that we will not tolerate killing in the name of human rights.

Ward Ricker
Human Rights For All Ages Campaign
Eugene, Oregon

"How is the person who considers abortion to be murder any different from the Pole who knew what was going to happen at Auschwitz? If the Pole was morally obligated to attempt to save lives, isn’t the person who opposes abortion under the same obligation?" -B.D. Colen

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